About Stardalen Hyttegrend

Stardalen Hyttegrend lies in the beautiful Stardalen in Jølster municipality, close to the Glacier National Park, midway between Bergen and Ålesund. Stardalen, which is the eastern part of Jølster, idyllically with wild and beautiful west coast nature. The chalets is situated a few kilometers away from the main roadway at an easy surroundings, enjoying free of noise from industrial and vehicular traffic. Car road completely to the cabins. Distance to the shop and cafe about 500m.

Inhabitants in Stardalen

Most people its inhabitants in Stardalen living from farming, based on livestock; cows, sheep and goats. Here are several side valleys, with, among other buildings from earlier ages farming in the mountains, good for lightweight skis or hikes. In addition, here is big opportunities for other hikes in the mountains and the glacier, depending on your own interest and physical fitness.

Closest shop

Distance to the municipal center Skei is 12 km. Here you will find: ATM, post office, gas station, repair workshop and a doctor. Skei is a gateway with good communications to other parts of the country, and a good starting point for day hikes. Here you will find and Audhild Vikens Vevstove, one of the country’s biggest business when it comes handicraft products.